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Last Concert at The Bauers

On May 17th and 18th the band had the chance to perform at Jazz At The Bauer again and the audience – a very lovely one – could appreciate the new line up of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band.

Here’s some live raw footage video taken with a phone while the high water was raising outside and the rhythm section – Cocco Marinoni on bass and Federico Patarnello on drums – cooking up “Help Me” while Riccardo is soloing. And on the second video guitarist Flavio Paludetti killing it on “Up The Line”.

Thanks to Manuel Vecchina for the nice shots!


See you on the road!

“Serves Me Right To Suffer” – John Lee Hooker


Serves Me Right To Suffer is one of the hidden gems written by the great John Lee Hooker.

He used to introduce this song as a “terrible, terrible story” and it’s all about human feelings, real emotions and speaking true about them.

It’s impossible, for anyone, to play like John Lee Hooker and if you listen to somebody doing it, it’s because they are imitating his style. Hooker was so unique, his personality so huge and his way of writing, performing and approaching to the Blues music that he created a branch (and a brand) of Blues music around himself.

If you read the interviews about playing with him, by his sidemen, they all would tell that performing with him was fun and difficult at the same time. Only few harmonica players that I’ve heard could do that without missing the weird chord changes, the unique style and the overall atmosphere of what John Lee Hooker was playing.

Three names in my mind are Charlie Musselwhite, Alan Wilson and Van Morrison.


We tried to hommage the great John Lee Hooker without falling in the “Boom Boom” or “Boogie Chillen” cover. Just click on the play icon of the song and I hope you’ll enjoy the stream.

– Riccardo

Check Out the new version of “Up The Line”

Little Walter is – without no question – one of the harmonica heroes you must listen and study, if you are serious about Blues music and Blues harmonica.

We as band never wanted to play too much of the classic Blues, not because we don’t like (actually we love the classic Blues and you should see how many Blues records from the Blues masters we listen to everyday) but because the idea is to connect that 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Blues with modern time.

As I said we wouldn’t play too many classics, but there are some tunes we can’t help but want to play because they stick out from all the rest, being them written in a special way or hitting us in a unique way.

“Up The Line” is one of them. Apart speaking about the good ole Blues theme like “we can’t get along anymore, I’m leaving” in a special way, like every lyrics and song written by the awesome Willie Dixon, this tune has a special identity to my ears.

Along with people like Robben Ford, Gary Smith, Sugar Ray Norcia, we did our take of this masterpiece at the last rehearsal. I multitracked, mixed and mastered all the sounds.

In this session, you can listen to the great job done by Alessandro Marchesin on guitar, Massimo Fantinelli on bass and Andrea D’Ostuni on drums.


Oh, yes. It’s me on vocals and harmonica. And I hope you like this version.

– Riccardo

Padova – 8th March 2019: Women’s Day with the Blues

If you are a woman, if you love women, if you like the Blues and even if you are not, you won’t regret to be with Riccardo Grosso Blues Band on this day.

No wild parties, no nudes, just Blues. In a place that you would call for sure nice and for sure with personality. This is all about Osteria Barabba in Padova.

They put a lot of effort to bring you the best music around and Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is performing there on Women’s day.

We couldn’t think about a better deal.

Check the event details here.

Welcome to the New Website


Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is happy to announce the new website.

While you are appreciating the new design, note what you can do now:

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  3. Translate the website. At this point you can visit Riccardo Grosso Blues Band website in English version or Italian version. If you are willing to do some translation for the band (and see the mailman coming with a copy of each album signed by the band) we would love to add French and German as languages available. Contact us.
  4. See the news. Every now and then, when something exciting about the band is happening or about to happen or we know it’s gonna happen, we’ll post it in the news so you can see what’s going on in front and behind the scenes.


If you haven’t done yet be sure to sign up for the newsletter and to like our Facebook page and YouTube channel.


Again, welcome on the new website and hope you are enjoyin’ the visit.

Visiting Lo Stranpalato again. Brescia 09th Feb 2019

This event has been cancelled for reasons not depending on the band.

There’s nothing to do in Brescia but visiting a place that happens to be one of the best music clubs in Italy: Lo Stranpalato.

The owner there is an harmonica enthusiast and player and allows you to play through a Bassman with a reverb he installed on it by himself. And if you aren’t happy yet you get the chance to use the whole house backline and put together a killer sound.

The place used to be a cinema or something (the room is still in the basement from what we know) and today is one of the finest Live Music Restaurants you can experience in Italy.

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is coming back in February and they can’t wait to perform at Lo Strampalato.

Book your table, see you there.

Coming back to Hall Blues Club

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is excited to come back to Pelussin at Hall Blues Club next February!

Pelussin is a small town in the Rhone-Alps of France, 55kms from Lyon. It’s a very very nice town with this Middle Age atmosphere, the typical French town we all have in our immagination.

In Pelussin there are some really good Blues fans who are running this amazing club located in this ancient building: the first time we got there we were like “well, this is an OLD building, man…” but once you walk in it is breath-taking.

Apart from the names you can read on the posters hanging on the wall (like Nine Below Zero, to name a band) you will find yourself into this amazing cozy theater with sweet people welcoming you for the show and for the after show dinner: all together, with the musicians, sharing cheese (gotta try the town cheese) and French wine.

Life could be worse, right?


Check the event details here.