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“Serves Me Right To Suffer” – John Lee Hooker


Serves Me Right To Suffer is one of the hidden gems written by the great John Lee Hooker.

He used to introduce this song as a “terrible, terrible story” and it’s all about human feelings, real emotions and speaking true about them.

It’s impossible, for anyone, to play like John Lee Hooker and if you listen to somebody doing it, it’s because they are imitating his style. Hooker was so unique, his personality so huge and his way of writing, performing and approaching to the Blues music that he created a branch (and a brand) of Blues music around himself.

If you read the interviews about playing with him, by his sidemen, they all would tell that performing with him was fun and difficult at the same time. Only few harmonica players that I’ve heard could do that without missing the weird chord changes, the unique style and the overall atmosphere of what John Lee Hooker was playing.

Three names in my mind are Charlie Musselwhite, Alan Wilson and Van Morrison.


We tried to hommage the great John Lee Hooker without falling in the “Boom Boom” or “Boogie Chillen” cover. Just click on the play icon of the song and I hope you’ll enjoy the stream.

– Riccardo