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Four Months Ago…

It’s been four months since this wonderful concert happened in Pordenone. There was the Original Blues Brothers Band performing in the city center for the new year’s eve and Riccardo was invited to join the band by Rob Paparozzi (be sure to check his website, a hell of harmonica player and singer!) and playing some harmonica on “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Considering the band was the first inspiration for Riccardo to pick up a harmonica and blow some Blues into it, starting a long and surprising journey into the music world, the experience was exciting and Riccardo was up to the seventh cloud.

Here’s a little video of the tasteful event. Thank you Rob Paparozzi and to the wonderful gentlemen in the Original Blues Brothers Band.


William Clarke’s Greasy Gravy

There was a harmonica hero who you may not have heard about. His name was – and still is becase legends never die – William Clarke.

A wonderful singer and harmonica extraordinaire, William Clarke was both diatonic and chromatic Blues player and had this take-no-prisoner attitude when he was playing music.

Riccardo has been listening to Clarke’s music since he was in a teenager, blown away by the music of this wonderful Blues artist.

It was on rehearsal when Riccardo came up with the suggestion “why don’t we play William Clarke’s Greasy Gravy? A II-V-I turn around instrumental somewhere between a shuffle and a swing? I do the chromatic theme and we’ll see what happens?”

The band was cool with that and the song was multitracked and mixed in a DIY way.

Here’s what happened.

We hope you enjoy this.