21.12 live – Download


Live album of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band, with the first born ensemble and some fine selection of live tracks, with no editing. Just the real deal.

Now portable! Take your favourite music with you. Everywhere.

Published 2015
Contains 11 songs in HQ in MP3 format.




The live release of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band, under the brief name of RGBand.

Take a real concert in your living room, getting this CD. This time the band is in the best enviroment for the Blues: the stage. Featuring one of the finest Italian drummers, along with a dream team band the “21.12” doesn’t mark the end of the world, it sets just a new begin.

They are different and you may not like it if your mind isn’t opened. But if you dig good music and love to discover a little Blues with some twist, you would love to listen to this album and find yourself listening to it more than you would expected.