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Last Concert at The Bauers

On May 17th and 18th the band had the chance to perform at Jazz At The Bauer again and the audience – a very lovely one – could appreciate the new line up of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band.

Here’s some live raw footage video taken with a phone while the high water was raising outside and the rhythm section – Cocco Marinoni on bass and Federico Patarnello on drums – cooking up “Help Me” while Riccardo is soloing. And on the second video guitarist Flavio Paludetti killing it on “Up The Line”.

Thanks to Manuel Vecchina for the nice shots!


See you on the road!

Four Months Ago…

It’s been four months since this wonderful concert happened in Pordenone. There was the Original Blues Brothers Band performing in the city center for the new year’s eve and Riccardo was invited to join the band by Rob Paparozzi (be sure to check his website, a hell of harmonica player and singer!) and playing some harmonica on “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Considering the band was the first inspiration for Riccardo to pick up a harmonica and blow some Blues into it, starting a long and surprising journey into the music world, the experience was exciting and Riccardo was up to the seventh cloud.

Here’s a little video of the tasteful event. Thank you Rob Paparozzi and to the wonderful gentlemen in the Original Blues Brothers Band.


Welcome to the New Website


Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is happy to announce the new website.

While you are appreciating the new design, note what you can do now:

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  3. Translate the website. At this point you can visit Riccardo Grosso Blues Band website in English version or Italian version. If you are willing to do some translation for the band (and see the mailman coming with a copy of each album signed by the band) we would love to add French and German as languages available. Contact us.
  4. See the news. Every now and then, when something exciting about the band is happening or about to happen or we know it’s gonna happen, we’ll post it in the news so you can see what’s going on in front and behind the scenes.


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Again, welcome on the new website and hope you are enjoyin’ the visit.