What do they say about this band?

“That’s Tremendous!”
Charlie Musselwhite
“What Grosso does here on harmonica is top!”
Eric Schuurmans, Roots Time (BE)
“The Italian quartet is one of the major international groups”
Fred Delforge, Zicazin (FR)
“An outstanding success!”
Wasser Prawda (DE)
“The band produce a fantastic almost psychedelic atmosphere”
Podziel Się, Blues Online (PL)
“A band expressing at best on stage!”
Soulbag (FR)
“Mature, personal, sexy, rough and tough: because the Blues has to be like that. Like the life.”
Antonio Romano, RockIt (IT)
“Great sound and recording! You are playing your own thing! I love it!”
Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone
“Fiery deep harp tone, passionate vocals and an innovative songwriting!”
Greg Izor