“Hats Off!” Blues News – Germany


“Mature, personal, sensual, irregular and rough: how the Blues has to be, like life” – RockIt – Italy


“The Italian quartet [is] one of the major international groups”Fred Delforge, Zicazine (Board Member of European Blues Union) – France


What Grosso does on harmonica here is top!” Roots Time – Belgium


“That’s TREMENDOUS!!!”Charlie Musselwhite (legendary harmonica player, Grammy Award winner)


“Great tone and recording! You’re playin’ your own thing. I love it!!!”Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone (New Orleans’ Award winner songwriter and musician)


“This is an outstanding success”Wasser Prawda – Germany (about 21.12 album)


“RG Band produces a fantastic, almost psychedelic atmosphere” – Blues Online – Poland


“[they] are great musicians […] and an absolute dream team”Wasser Prawda – Germany


“A band expressing itself at best on stage!”Soulbag – France